cryptocurrency news for 2018

How the leading cryptocurrency rates will behave in 2018
positive scenario. At the end of the year, Bitcoin and its related cryptocurrency first rose sharply and then fell in value. Experts attribute this decline to a temporary correction, which will end by the end of January 2018. After that, Bitcoin is given the following forecast:

first half year: from $25,000 to $30,000;
second half of the year: from $45,000 to $5,000.
In the long term (10-20 years), analysts expect the price of bitcoin to rise to one million dollars.

negative scenario. Skeptics are convinced that the entire cryptocurrency industry has entered the stage of a downtrend and by the end of the year the cost of all digital coins will be close to their real face value. Bitcoin is predicted to drop to the level of $2,000 - $5,000.

All about mining prospects for 2018
traditional mining. In 2018, it is profitable to purchase expensive equipment only in two cases:

you have insider information about some little-known cryptocurrency with a low cost, which should quickly and sharply rise in price in the near future;
you can purchase equipment at discounted prices or get a discount on the use of electricity.
In other situations, traditional mining is unprofitable for a private investor.

cloud mining. This is a promising direction, which will continue to develop in 2018. Users will show particular activity in the first half of the year: the leading cryptocurrencies temporarily sank, so miners have a great opportunity to enter the pool and capitalize on the market downturn.
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