The EU has tightened restrictions related to cryptocurrencies, banning crypto wallets for Russians, regardless of the amount.

The EU has tightened restrictions related to cryptocurrencies, banning crypto wallets for Russians, regardless of the amount.

In the spring, the EU banned the provision of crypto wallet services for amounts over €10,000. Binance was one of the first to block access for Russian residents. It is not necessary to be verified, Binance experts easily determine your location by IP address and Internet connection. Hint: a VPN will not help here, this is not Roskom for you.

Over the weekend, a Frenchman had a case: “Binance just sent a block to one of the accounts made on French documents (the account is purely for Binance Card).

For no reason - they just took it and said goodbye. The entire crypt is clean, there were no violations on this account, futures were not traded here.

I don't recommend Binance to anyone today."

Also, Binance, after sanctions from the EU, has become very easily vulnerable and controlled by the authorities, so now it is losing its reputation for this flexibility under the authorities. Who wants to please whom is not yet clear. Binance has also influenced its subsidiaries such as TrustWallet, Safepal.

Already, most wallet users are faced with freezing funds on their wallets and starting a timer to allow them to be unlocked. “It seemed like it was okay to unfreeze your funds, you need to enter a counter transaction, as they say, to confirm that these are your funds, namely, they must check the legal origin of the funds in order to unfreeze the transaction, they check this by counter transaction in the amount of 20% of the amount of your transaction. And you need to do this to the address from which you made the transfer of funds. - write dissatisfied users who have already fallen for sanctions from Binance subsidiaries.

Therefore, we strongly urge residents of the Russian Federation not to use sites such as Binance, TrustWallet, Safepal.

Well, if you are still caught, your actions should be as follows. Write to the support service of the platform from which you made the transfer in order to make sure that your funds really fell under the sanctions list and will be frozen until a counter transaction is made. Further, if the answer is yes, you need to make a new transfer in the amount of 20% to the address from which you made the transfer. And within up to 10 minutes, the funds will be successfully unlocked and will go to your TrustWallet, Safepal wallet. Be careful and very active, as you may be given a payment time limit that varies from 1 to 7 days, the most important thing is that after this period, you can simply freeze your funds forever, as one of those that fell under the sanctions list.
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