🔷 Another Forecast for Ethereum ETF

Valkyrie Chief Investment Officer Steven McClurg believes (https://gncrypto.news/news/valkyrie-anticipates-no-immediate-launch-of-an-ethereum-etf/) that a spot Ethereum ETF is unlikely to come soon, though it could be approved by 2026. 

🗣 He advises against drawing parallels with the Bitcoin ETF, highlighting significant differences between the two cryptocurrencies.

"So I think it will take the SEC a lot of time to get their head around what disclosures look like for a product like that,” McClurg said.

📣 He also mentioned a potential XRP ETF as another fund that could gain SEC approval, given that only three cryptocurrencies have not been officially classified as securities (BTC, ETH, XRP). 

This classification suggests that ETFs for these digital assets could be pursued under current U.S. financial regulatory guidelines.
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